A Black Labrador Painting... Treats Please!


Our Black Lab Digitally Painted.. Treats Please!

Poppy the Rescue Black-Lab-Mix smiling happily on Sunday Morning, anticipating even before morning coffee, our walk to the Dog Park where she will be given treats between her rendezvous with her other four legged furry friends.  
Poppy loved going to the Dog Park down by the radio station, in the neighborhood down by Tingley, where she would trot around and meet her other dog friends.

She wasn't much of a tangler, but she could certainly hold her own if need be. She was more of an adventurer and a wanderer, sniffing around for all sorts of scents that hinted at new animals she might meet or chase.

This particular morning was one of the nicest walks we went on. We brought Django along, this lopey-eared black hound with not nearly as much grace and elegance as she. But Poppy loved that last walk we were on, noodling about the lawn and snorkeling up to complete strangers for more snacks, and occassionally hanging out with kids between water breaks and playing with her Dalmation friend, Chief.

The best thing about those walks was her smile when she knew we were going, so happy to get out and see the world.

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Treats Please!

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