A Hummingbird Painting, Feeding Angels

The colors of a thirsty bird.. Feeding Angels

A barely-alive hummingbird gets a much needed drink of honey water I made for him, after he collapsed from exhaustion trying to find his way outside from the art studio. Painting called "Hummingbird Drinking Honey Water," Art by Miko at The Love Art Shop.

Is one of those moments that you see somewhere on YouTube, and never think it's going to happen to you and especially, that you'll be able to do anything that'll make anything better for such an amazing little creature.

This is the day that I was helping clean out a studio with another artist, and a hummingbird flew into the giant building and couldn't find his way out. This was important, because we were going to fog and didn't want to hurt the little bird with any fumes.

After buzzing around for maybe twenty minutes, the poor thing fell behind a large shelf that needed to be climbed on with a fifteen foot ladder just to peek around and look for its tiny dust and cobweb covered body. I eventually found it and cleared off the webs from its feathers, and took it back down the ladder with me, but it wasn't moving at all.

That's when I realized that it had literally spent all of its carbohydrate energy supply trying to buzz around, looking for a way out, and really would probably die if just left there. I didn't know what to do but remembered that hummingbirds drink nectar so I ran to the kitchen and diluted a little bit of honey with warm water, ran out and lifted a spoon to the very tip of this little bird's long and tapered beak.

Within about thirty seconds of drinking, it shot up, fully on, like a little engine. It turned and looked at me, then at the other person who was helping, and shot over the tree line all in a fraction of a second.

That was an awesome feeling, an awesome little set of adventures that made a studio a little cleaner, and met a wonderfully amazing little bird as well.


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Feeding Angels

Hi! I'm Miko, and thank you for checking out my artwork!

I've been painting, practicing photography, 

Miko in art studio working on triptych painting called "Promethea," a three part oil painting ocean series.and I've been doing commercial work for businesses and musicans for over 20 years. I've been drawing ever since gradeschool, and have never been let down from the daily practice of making art. My passion for creativity has led me naturally into sharing what I paint and photograph with the world, first through just drawings for friends, and eventually, into Art Shows I learned to produce and promote to sell my original paintings.

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