A Starry Combat Boot Painting, Brave New World

A Sharpie Digital Painting.. Brave New World

Brave New World, A Painting :: By Miko Zen, Artist <br> of a Person discovering the Universe  
is all about knowing you're an adult, and there's nothing really that's gonna stop you or gonna save you from the world. I mean, the main character here in this painting is literally a sketch that's lifted themselves off a sheet of looseleaf. 

A painting of someone who didn't even belong in this dimension, an idea left by an artist laying in in some stack of papers that came alive, unbeknownst to the artist and unbeknownst to themselves.

Why would there be anything in between such a daring way of wanting life, between a person who so hungers for their own right to exist, and their very right to meet their mother, the very Galaxy herself.




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Brave New World


Style: Illustration
Medium: Pen & Ink, Copic Marker
Subject: Fantasy, Mythology
Emotions: Joy, Interest, Hope, Inspiration, Awe, Satisfaction

Hi! I'm Miko, and thank you for checking out my artwork!

I've been painting, practicing photography, 

Miko in art studio working on triptych painting called "Promethea," a three part oil painting ocean series.and I've been doing commercial work for businesses and musicans for over 20 years. I've been drawing ever since gradeschool, and have never been let down from the daily practice of making art. My passion for creativity has led me naturally into sharing what I paint and photograph with the world, first through just drawings for friends, and eventually, into Art Shows I learned to produce and promote to sell my original paintings.

My gallery here is an ongoing hand crafted & built showcase of what Artwork means in my life. Keep checking back as I am continually adding the personal stories to each of my paintings, and putting up new sections of this art space for you to enjoy. If you want to connect through Instagram or my Facebook Page you're more than welcome, since it's easier to post different pictures of what I work on there. I have a wide variety of my Print / Merch Artwork I've created and uploaded to my Fine Art America page (link below) if you are looking for a perfect gift for you or a loved one, and the other links let you see some of how I enjoy playing music, doing art tutorials, and working on my motorcycle. Look forward to hearing from you!

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