Here you can peruse and enjoy my gallery of artwork I've made my entire life, my Oil & Acrylic Paintings, Photography, Drawings, and Multi Media artworks with digital painting all the way to blending conventional media like acrylic, oil, collage and airbrush or spray paint. Artwork is one of my passions, and whether it expresses itself with just a click of a shutter or a tilt of a leaf while masking the flow of spray paint, you may find your passion here too! 

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An Arctic Tern Painting, Sensing Breakthrough (Dawn) Written by Super User2 Hits: 1167
A Black Kitten Painting... Boo, Hiding Written by Super User2 Hits: 1113
A Guitarist Painting, Chromatic Meanderings in Blue Written by Super User2 Hits: 910
A Fresh Avocado Painting... Delicious Written by Super User2 Hits: 1266
An Impressionist Music Painting, Lounge Electrika Written by Super User2 Hits: 1455
An Expressionist Myth Painting, Phoenix Rising (Galaxy) Written by Super User2 Hits: 934
A Starry Planet Painting, Postcard from Earth Written by Super User2 Hits: 1628
A Feminine Energy Painting, Woman in Love Written by Super User2 Hits: 193502
A Southwest Sunset Pic... Double Rainbow, Utah Canyonlands Written by Super User2 Hits: 1139
A Surreal Mystical Photo, Mysterious Waterline Written by Super User2 Hits: 1083

Hi! I'm Miko, and thank you for checking out my artwork!

I've been painting, practicing photography, 

Miko in art studio working on triptych painting called "Promethea," a three part oil painting ocean series.and I've been doing commercial work for businesses and musicans for over 20 years. I've been drawing ever since gradeschool, and have never been let down from the daily practice of making art. My passion for creativity has led me naturally into sharing what I paint and photograph with the world, first through just drawings for friends, and eventually, into Art Shows I learned to produce and promote to sell my original paintings.

My gallery here is an ongoing hand crafted & built showcase of what Artwork means in my life. Keep checking back as I am continually adding the personal stories to each of my paintings, and putting up new sections of this art space for you to enjoy. If you want to connect through Instagram or my Facebook Page you're more than welcome, since it's easier to post different pictures of what I work on there. I have a wide variety of my Print / Merch Artwork I've created and uploaded to my Fine Art America page (link below) if you are looking for a perfect gift for you or a loved one, and the other links let you see some of how I enjoy playing music, doing art tutorials, and working on my motorcycle. Look forward to hearing from you!

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