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My Art is all about Gratitude.

A Hibiscus flower, symbolizing the delicateness of Hope, and the fleetingness of time, appears behind the candle-watcher, visible only through the mirror. Art by Miko at The Gratitude Gallery Blog.

Gratitude for being born, gratitude for friendship, gratitude for dogs, for cats, birds, and all the dream-keepers of the animal world. 

Gratitude for art-lovers and art-collectors, because without them, I wouldn’t have all the art-makers who I am so indebted to. Gratitude for Scientists who maintain the hot air balloon of the Scientific Method, and Gratitude for the Spiritual-Lock-Pickers who sustain their practice of Love for All Beings, regardless of orthodoxy...

But my biggest Gratitude, the one where all others begin, and for which I’m utterly powerless in accepting her mischievous gift of Life itself to me, is my Mom.

The extrasensory perceptions available to us as children, depicted in violet and purple emanations from the crown of the young person's head. Art by Miko at the Gratitude Gallery Blog.

I wouldn’t have the opportunity at all to be alive, to experience humanness, to grow, to have two hands to for shielding wind from the precious candle flame of Hope.

All my art is ultimately dedicated and eternally grateful to my Mom, in her 79 years of earth-like life, now, to all the places and people and creatures and other mothers she appears through, and with those lives, be them human, animal, or cosmic, reminds me that in every Mother everywhere, is the energy of Life she’s protecting and preparing for its journey through this mind-creating Universe. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom <3

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