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Fresh off the printing press, it's here! The Dias de los 2019 : Calendar from the Other Side!

Day of the Dead in bright beautiful colors with unique Sugarskull characters hand painted and made into stunning works of art for your entire year!

Perfect for every lover of Culture, Art and Color!

From "Marlo the Sugarskull of Spanish Guitar" to "Jimi the Sugarskull of Epic Guitar Solos," Dias de los 2019 will take you on a year of mystical, soulful adventure while you plan out all your creative adventures and successes! 

Artist & Painter, Miko Zen, exploring the Jemez National Wilderness for painting inspirations and feeling the natural joy & splendor of New Mexico Nature.Miko Zen

Artist, Illustrator & Writer 
@ MikoArts Online Gallery & Art Gift Shop

A place in the universe where everyday moments thoughts and inspirations mix with paint, photography and the written word to create artwork for our walls, business and branding. 

Whether you're looking for cool artwork to hang in your dorm, a home owner looking for fine art for your walls, or a creative professional wanting that new crisp insightful breakthrough for your business, I've made my gallery for you.

  • Double Rainbow, Utah Canyonlands

    Moab, Horseshoe, Dead Horse Point, Mesa Arch, Island in the Sky, all these tourist destinations in the beautiful heart of the Canyonlands Southwest ar...
  • Mysterious Waterline

    Just an ordinary walk down by the creek where the world-famous sculptor Elisabet Ney once lived, guides footsteps and our eye to a peculiar and beauti...
  • Mistress of the Waterline

    Turning what was thought to be just an ordinary photo, sideways, reveals a mystious and haunting apparition of a woman comprised of perfectly dressed...

Artist & Illustrator

I've been working at my favorite job as the curator of my own online gallery for over 20 years, evolving both as a fine artist who produces my own artshows, and a graphic artist and designer working with customers who see me working and ask for my creative help. 

  • Blue Cat Not Say

    Blue Cat sits staring. Blue Cat sits watching. Blue Cat not care you mix paint pay rent buy meow mix and treats for Blue Cat. There is something myste...
  • Odin Gets a Treat!

    Portrait of a little Pitbull Puppy whose owner rescued from a dumpster, literally, from being thrown away in an industrial trash can in a dark alley b...
  • Boo, Hiding

    Little rescue-kitten Boo has recently been saved from the busy Southside streets of the dark lit and shadowed barrio pavement, noisey with honking fri...

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